Lleides is back to the Mototerapia after one year and a half

May 26, 2021 by Antonio Navas - No Comments

The pandemic has ended many things around the world except Lleides’s desire to continue doing what he likes the most, to distribute smiles. That is why after a year and a half without action, he has returned to do a Mototherapy session with the members of the Aremi de Lleida Association.
In a day in which security measures to combat Covid-19 have prevailed, the Lleides pilots have traveled to the entity’s facilities, which aims to care and support people with special needs, derived from disorders in motor skills, communication, autonomy, among others, throughout all stages of their life.
Antonio Navas, Marc Pinyol and the Swiss Mike Pfister once again mounted the Aremi members on their motorcycles and their staging has not left anyone indifferent, returning to celebrate a day of illusion and desire to continue in the fight to continue living with desire to face the new challenges that day to day puts us.
Lleides is one of the world leaders in Freestyle Motocross, one of the sports most affected by the pandemic cycle that began at the intercontinental level during the first quarter of 2020. However, and despite the lack of activity in its discipline , the riders and their entire structure have never stopped fighting to innovate, maintain the spirit of their passion and try to give a positive perspective in the midst of a climate as adverse as the one we are experiencing.