Lleides is a structure based on extreme sports, which wants to pump your heart above the chest.

We were born as a Freestyle Motocross team, but with the passing of hours, days and weeks we have become the common thread of human values applied to sport.

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Shows 100% promoted and carried out by us.

In Lleides we come with the “complete kit” to do everything you can imagine. Take off ramps, landing ramps, riders, bike shows, stunt with street bike and a wide etcetera to meet your needs.

YOU DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT ANYTHING! We take care of bringing everything necessary to offer a show that viewers will never forget.

In addition, we complement the show with our interactive stands where the attending public has the opportunity to meet the riders and acquire our sale items.

All our infrastructure has been designed by engineers and they comply with all current approvals and regulations to be able to offer a safe and error-free show, both for the riders and for the client who hires us. Thus, a unique infrastructure worldwide.

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We take a step forward in the world of sports by being the first Spanish team to carry out Mototerapia, an action that consists of making people with limited abilities live a unique experience, which will make them smile and fill their eyes with illusion through the motorcycle as therapy.

We are not looking for protagonisms or individualisms, we are only looking for help and collaboration of any kind for the centers and the people that make it up and to ensure that Mototerapia reaches all those who need it most.

You can be part of Lleides Mototerapia, you just have to contact and present your project.

The bike is for everyone.