Adios InsideFMX, Hola Lleides!

February 14, 2015 by Antonio Navas - No Comments


Hi guys!

Today is a very special day for many things. Possibly is one of those moments that mark the life of a person.
Around four years ago I had the idea of create InsideFMX, without the help of Marc Pinyol and Rocky Florensa who have grown InsideFMX beside me, none of this could have become reality. Between us and other family members that were joining later and were following each of our steps, committed to build a team structure of the most extreme discipline of motorsport. InsideFMX has been much more than this, InsideFMX has been the starting point of a lifestyle, a “modus vivendi” and, of course, a philosophy that has sprouted robustly in our minds and those of many who have wanted to move on.
Therefore, having surpassed our goals, we decided to put an end to this stage to start a new one, more ambitious, with new goals that gradually you guys will know. Never forgeting where we come from, what we do, today is the day to present to you our new challenge, our new look, today is the day to say goodbye to InsideFMX to welcome a new structure with more people, more media, new challenges and ambition that characterizes us, we are introducing LLEIDES!

Great things are about to happen.Stay tuned on LLEIDES!

From now on, we will send the press releases with mail address.

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Antonio Navas